Adidas 3 Hydra SportShower Gel for Men

Adidas 3 Hydra Sport Shower Gel for Men
Adidas 3 Hydra Sport Shower Gel for Men
250 ml

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Adidas 3 Hydra Sport Shower Gel for Men
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Wednesday 25/9/2019
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Fragrance description Adidas 3 Hydra Sport

Adidas 3 Hydra Sport shower gel complements the fragrance in the same range perfectly. It leaves the skin fresh, soft, and full of fragrance to stimulate the senses and increase self-esteem, so each wash is a great experience.

About the brand Adidas

Adidas is best known for its sports apparel, footwear, and other accessories. Now a huge corporation, Adidas was founded back in 1925 by Adolf Dassler. Nowadays it is probably one of the best-selling manufacturers of sports products of all time.
In recent years, it has also ventured into perfumes. Adidas began selling fresh and sporty fragrances presented under the auspices of Coty. The sophisticated series of perfumes and ranges of unique products by Adidas boast highly original, light, and gentle fragrances which correspond to a certain degree with the brand’s overall sporty character.

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