Parfumer Alexandre.J

  • The Collector
  • The Collector: Altesse Mysore
  • The Collector: Argentic
  • The Collector: Black Muscs
  • The Collector: Golden Oud
  • The Collector: Iris Violet
  • The Collector: Mandarine Sultane
  • The Collector: Morning Muscs
  • The Collector: Rose Oud
  • The Collector: Silver Ombre
  • The Collector: Zafeer Oud Vanille


Gratis gaver og tilbud

Enter the world of luxury fragrances, every one of which is a work of art. The French perfume house of Alexandre.J draws inspiration from history as well as different parts of the world, it breaks the boundaries of traditional perfumery, and their luxury flacons are simply striking. The first Alexandre.J fragrances were introduced in 2012. The brand was founded by French designer Alexandre.J – a true patriot who loves art and travel, and these two passions inspire his fragrances full of stories and emotions. The perfumes of this French brand are created in collaboration with well-known perfumers such as Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Amelie Bourgeois, or Emna Doghri. Some of the most popular Alexandre.J fragrances are the unisex Eau de Parfums from The Collector line – whether it’s The Collector: Black Muscs with its citruses, rose, and powdery notes, the floral-fruity The Collector: Morning Muscs, or The Collector: Mandarine Sultane which features neroli, orange, cashmere wood, and rum.