Amouage Miniatures Bottles Collection Women

Gift Set IX.

Amouage Miniatures Bottles Collection Women Gift Set IX.
Eau De Parfum 6 x 7,5 ml

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Gold + Dia + Ciel + Reflection + Beloved + Ubar

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Tuesday 28/5/2019
Amouage Miniatures Bottles Collection Women
Eau De Parfum 6 x 7,5 ml | 1.110,00kr


Type of set
Gift Set

About the brand Amouage

The sumptuous scent of Amouage is characterised by its uniqueness and its totally distinctive elegance. The independent brand with luxury niche perfumes now has its headquarters in London, but its roots reach into the depths of the Middle East.

Amouage draws inspiration from the rich and varied heritage of its place of origin – the Sultanate of Oman. The brand was founded in 1983 by His Excellency Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud Al Busaidi, a member of the Omani royal family, on the basis of his decision to revive the glory of Arabian fragrances. The brand’s philosophy is to create perfumes with truly artistic value. Amouage strictly selects only the finest exotic ingredients, including silver incense from Oman, the unique Oman rose and myrrh.

Amouage’s niche perfumes are put together in Grasse, Southern France, which is considered the global capital of perfumes, thus providing a guarantee of the highest standards. The perfumes then travel to Oman for production, where the maceration of the ingredients takes about two months. To finish, all the Amouage perfumes undergo the highest quality checks and are packaged almost exclusively by hand.

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