Dermacol Solar

Body Lotion Accelerate Tanning

Dermacol Solar Body Lotion Accelerate Tanning
200 ml

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Thursday 23/5/2019
Dermacol Solar
200 ml | 79,40kr

Product description Dermacol Solar

Dermacol Solar will make sure your tan is even more beautiful.


  • prepares the skin for sun exposure
  • promotes healthy tanning
  • speeds up the natural tanning process
  • gives skin the hydration it needs
  • extends your tanned look

How to use:
Shake before use. Apply before going out into the sun and work in thoroughly.


Skin type
all skin types

About the brand Dermacol

The Czech brand Dermacol has been perfecting skin and looking after women’s beauty for over half a century. It was created in the Prague film studios where movie makeup artists teamed up with dermatologists from the Prague Institute of Medical Cosmetics. Together they created the Dermacol high-coverage foundation designed for both professional and everyday use.

Globally, Dermacol Makeup Cover was one of the first foundations ever, quickly becoming a massive hit that reached as far as Hollywood. In the 1990s, Dermacol cosmetics cut its ties with the film studios, becoming an independent and purely Czech brand that has been a symbol of beauty for generations of women ever since.

Dermacol products found success even outside the Czech Republic and the brand can now be purchased in over 60 countries. In recent years, men have also been discovering the products, so the company has launched the first complete Dermacol range for men.