Eisenberg Sublime Tan Anti-Ageing Body Sun Care SPF 30

  • Eisenberg Sublime Tan Anti-Ageing Body Sun Care SPF 30

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    • Eisenberg Sublime Tan Anti-Ageing Body Sun Care SPF 30  100 mlAnti-Ageing Body Sun Care SPF 30 

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      100 ml
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      335,00 kr.

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    Description of the product Eisenberg Sublime Tan



    Cosmetic quality



    Skin type

    all skin types




    high protection (SPF 30 – SPF 50)

    The Eisenberg Sublime Tan protective sunscreen is a vital part of skin care when going out into the sun.


    • prevents skin ageing
    • gives skin the hydration it needs

    How to use:

    Apply plenty of the product to the skin all over the body before going out in the sun. Repeat as necessary, especially after swimming or drying with a towel or in the event of excessive perspiration.

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    About the brand Eisenberg

    Eisenberg, a French brand of luxury cosmetics and perfumes, represents a combination of beauty, timelessness and perfection. It bears the name of its founder José Eisenberg who gave it life and true meaning through his uncompromising approach and creative enthusiasm.

    José Eisenberg began working in the fashion industry when he was 21, but he left the field for some time in order to work in IT. When he founded his own beauty brand in 2000, he created a world that combines both of his great passions – art and technology – in a unique way.

    All Eisenberg skin-care and body-care products contain active natural ingredients, premium raw materials such as diamond dust or pure gold, and last but not least the patented TriO-Molecular complex. This complex is the result of a 15-year-long research and represents an effective tool which prevents and corrects signs of ageing. In keeping with the ethos of the brand, Eisenberg fragrances reflect the dreams of their creator. This luxury fragrance line is as precious as the emotions it inspires.

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    Rating Eisenberg Sublime Tan

    • 16. maj 2018

      I am very happy with this product. I have always had a sensitive skin and for this reason I've tried many different brands over the years to avoid sunburns... So far I have always got either red or I smelled like an onion. But not with Sublime Tan... my skin feels great and I smell like a goddess. :)

    • 16. maj 2018

      If you are looking for product which give you protection during your hot summer vacation, you can rely on this one! Eisenberg sun screen with SPF 30 has top place in my summer cosmetic gear.

    • 16. maj 2018

      I took Sublime Tan protection to Indonesia with me and was really surprised how perfectly it worked with my pale skin. I would recommend.

    • 15. maj 2018

      This product is super effective against UV. It smells great and the texture is really nice too. My skin is hydrated and well protected :-)

    • 13. maj 2018

      Just came from a vacation and must say, i was positively surprised how nice the smell is and moreover, i wasn't burnt at all. Of course I followed the instructions there, used also their after sun mask and my skin was protected enough. The tube last long too.

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