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The products in this category usually have a minor defect in packaging and cannot be sold at full price. They are fragrances that have been used in photo shoots, their cellophane wrapping or the box itself have been damaged in transport, or their packaging in other way doesn't meet the visual standards. None of these defects compromise the quality of the fragrance itself. 

In some cases a marginal portion of the product has been used up. This is always clearly stated on the website along with the information about how much of the product still remains (for instance 99%). Our normal warranty applies, of course with the exception of the specified defect for which the product is being sold at a lower price.

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  • Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My GoldEau de Toilette for Women 80 ml

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: PAR07737

    355,65 kr.
    Discount: 31,75 kr.

  • Carolina Herrera 212 SexyEau de Parfum for Women 100 ml

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: CHR01714

    More information

    Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy is an oriental fragrance ideal to wear especially on cold autumn and winter days. Sexy perfume is pleasantly sweet and heady, mainly thanks to spicy notes of pink pepper and bergamot enriched with a mild floral aroma of gardenia. A tender side of the perfume consists of smooth vanilla, sweet candy floss and warm sandalwood. Sexy by Carolna Herrera mingles intense sensuality and attraction with soothing tenderness. This harmonious combination is impressive. Sexy fragrance will perfectly suit all women who would like to awaken passion in themselves. Sexy will also perfectly underline the charm of its wearer, making her simply irresistible and unique. Although Sexy is an oriental perfume, it is well-suited for everyday wear, making you the centre of attention even in the street. Sexy is an ideal accessory for work, but it will not let you down on special occasions either.  

    490,50 kr.
    Discount: 40,40 kr.

  • Etienne Aigner No. 1 OudEau de Parfum unisex 100 ml

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: AIG00211

    256,93 kr.
    Discount: 25,97 kr.

  • Bvlgari ManEau de Toilette for Men 100 ml

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: BVL04722

    More information

    Bvlgari Man is an elegant and enchanting perfume that will interest every man and consequently every woman with its warm and intoxicating character. The most exquisite ingredients are processed in it, creating a harmonic and perfectly refined scent. The introduction, dominated by savoury accords of Calabrian bergamot and violet leaf, will interest you with its lightness and freshness. Lotus flower with juicy notes of white pear bring in a touch of light. A light tinge of smoke together with noble vetiver and cypress introduce into the fragrance original masculine toughness that is pervaded with pure notes of white woods and an exciting milky accord of Australian sandalwood and cashmere wood. In conjunction with the magic scent of frankincense and warming transparency of white honey, they give the fragrance tender warmth and sensuality. The elegance and almost magic power of the woody ingredients create fascinating sensations of harmony and perfection. The spectacular fragrance transfers these qualities on the man wearing Bvlgari Man.  

    458,03 kr.
    Discount: 25,97 kr.

  • Playboy VIPEau de Toilette for Men 100 ml

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: PLB00735

    More information

    Oriental-spicy fragrance Playboy VIP for Him is designed for all the exceptional men who like to flirt. Its a symbol of posh life full of social VIP occasions, expensive limousines, and the best champagne. This unique fragrance opens with enchanting bergamot, captivating rhubarb, and a drop of excellent rum. Its heart is full of the essences of intoxicating red apple perfectly merging with water tones and fresh lavender. Its base is full of warm wood in a sensual combination with delicate chocolate and tonka beans. This luxury perfume for men by famous Playboy is excellent for evening parties where youll draw the attention of all the women thanks to its amazing aroma. Playboy VIP for Him is an unusually attractive fragrance to perfectly highlight your natural sex appeal and charm. Wear to finally feel always elegant and self-confident.

    88,13 kr.
    Discount: 5,77 kr.

  • Dior Dior Addict Eau FraîcheEau de Toilette for Women 100 ml

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: CHD08381

    649,65 kr.
    Discount: 60,25 kr.

  • Yankee Candle Snowflake CookieTealight Candle 12 x 9,8 g

    Dirty packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: YAC04049

    More information

    ImportantPlace the product only on heat resistant surfaces. If the wick is longer than 5 mm, trim it. Make sure that the candle/wax is well away from all flammable materials and sources of heat (e.g., TV, radiators). Do not move a burning candle/wax. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Persons suffering from sensitivity to fragrances should use the product with caution. UseNever leave a burning candle/wax unattended or in the vicinity of easily flammable items. There should be a space of at least 20 cm between burning candles. Do not leave a candle burning for more than 4 hours. Do not tilt burning candles. Do not let the flame touch the sides of the container. If there is less than 1 cm of candle left, extinguish it; never let a candle burn all the way to the bottom. Extinguish the candle by gently blowing on it.

    57,10 kr.
    Discount: 5,80 kr.

  • Cuba ChicEau de Parfum for Women 100 ml

    Dirty packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: CUB01042

    83,10 kr.
    Discount: 5,80 kr.

  • Jacques Bogart Bogart Story BlueEau de Toilette for Men 100 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: JAB00823

    119,31 kr.
    Discount: 11,59 kr.

  • Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey AbsolueEau de Parfum for Women 90 ml

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: ISM03099

    More information

    Enjoy the sunset with Miyake Leau dIssey Absolue eau de parfum for women. Succumb to the ultimate magic of sunny days and get inspired by bright floral tones. Its intensive and sensual fragrance dresses you in a haze of indescribable aromatic compositions. This eau de parfum is built on the natural simple character of floral essences. This experience for senses is dominated mainly by the kings of the night - jasmine and honey. Its pleasantly mild scent uplifts you to an absolutely new and better dimension. If you want to become elegant, order this creative flacon in the colors of the sun. Enjoy the stimulating intoxication by Issey Miyake Leau dIssey Absolue with a touch of vanilla. Present your feminity and sensuality in the most suitable way. Draw the attention of everybody around you.

    375,15 kr.
    Discount: 31,75 kr.

  • Amouage InterludeEau de Parfum for Women 100 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: AMU04521

    More information

    The Amouage Interlude Eau de Parfum for women captures the moment of suddenly stopping in the middle of chaos and disorder. Day by day, caught in a maelstrom of obligations, objectives and plans, we are lost in a time of repetition. In the middle of the story of our life, we are engulfed in chaos and haste. Again and again. Suddenly, we stop for a quick dramatic moment: the irresistible Amouage Interlude fragrance for women! This highly contrasting and seductive fragrance symbolises a connection with your true self and an achievement of inner balance. In the opening of Interlude, you will be surrounded by the fresh essence of citrus fruit, complemented by its antithesis in warm ginger. This oriental beginning develops further with delicate, heady incense and magical orange blossoms. Silky roses release their essences in a haze of aromatic jasmine which will enhance the natural charm of your personality. Precious agar wood combined with the gentle notes of pure oakmoss and a strong dose of valuable musk combined with vanilla brings the fragrance to a sensual finish. The unusual Amouage Interlude Eau de Parfum is full of emotion, passion and masterfully blended contrasts. A woman wearing Interlude is very seductive, attractive and extraordinarily charming for everyone around her. Once the chaos and disorder become intertwined with sudden moments of harmony, we achieve the happiness of overcoming obstacles. This extraordinary fragrance is packed full of the magical power of special moments, perfectly combining what seem to be the irreconcilable opposites of our lives. The fragrance gives its wearer a feeling of happiness and leaves the charm of true harmony on her skin.  

    1.963,79 kr.
    Discount: 121,21 kr.

  • Mugler A*MenDeo Spray for Men 125 ml (Unboxed)

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: THM04077

    183,58 kr.
    Discount: 17,32 kr.

  • Aedes De Venustas Palissandre d'OrEau de Parfum unisex 100 ml

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: AEV01101

    973,10 kr.
    Discount: 103,90 kr.

  • O'Driu SatyriconEau de Parfum unisex

    Scratched packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: OIU00019

    1.131,09 kr.
    Discount: 114,91 kr.

  • Bond No. 9 Uptown Riverside DriveEau de Parfum for Men 100 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: BON0810

    1.053,07 kr.
    Discount: 86,93 kr.

  • Culti StileAroma Diffuser With Refill 500 ml Big Package (Aramara)

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: CUL0596

    More information

    Use1. Unscrew the cap.2. Insert the sticks into the bottle and spread them apart. Each stick acts as a wick that draws in the fragrance and gradually releases it into the air. You can control the strength of the scent by the number of sticks you put in the aroma diffuser.3. Place the diffuser on a stable surface to prevent unexpected spilling of the contents. Do not place on varnished or plastic surfaces. The fragrance lasts up to several weeks. ImportantKeep out of reach of children. If the contents of the diffuser comes in contact with skin, wash it off immediately with plenty of water and soap. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with water for several minutes. Persons suffering from sensitivity to fragrances should use the product with caution.

    512,64 kr.
    Discount: 46,36 kr.

  • Bath & Body Works Men TeakwoodEau de Cologne for Men 100 ml

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: BBO1033

    244,72 kr.
    Discount: 23,18 kr.

  • Amouage DiaEau de Parfum for Men 100 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: AMU4341

    More information

    The luxurious Amouage Dia Eau de Parfum for men is inspired by the beauties of Oman. The fragrance will take you to the arid sunny desert, offering a taste of the best spices of the world before refreshing you in the wild waves of the Arabian Sea. The oriental and floral notes of the Amouage Dia Eau de Parfum symbolise an original and unrestrained man who can appreciate true luxury and who has an undeniable sense of adventure. The notes of this aftershave will spirit you away to the routes travelled by ancient caravans. Excitement and the blinding rays of the sun will pierce your skin. Suddenly, you will find yourself in the middle of an Omani bazaar full of the scent of incense, plums and spicy teas. The aroma of wet vetiver refreshes the air and a gentle sea breeze recharges your energy. The streets of the city are lined with blossoming peonies and orange trees, caressing your senses. The unique Amouage Dia Eau de Parfum for men captures the mystery and excitement of discovering new lands. This warm and charismatic fragrance is the perfect complement for all free-thinking men who see themselves as eternal conquerors. The fragrance was launched in 2002.  

    1.138,19 kr.
    Discount: 118,81 kr.

  • Estee Lauder Amber MystiqueEau de Parfum unisex 100 ml

    Flawed cellophane Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: EST05279

    500,54 kr.
    Discount: 46,36 kr.

  • Montale Aoud LagoonEau de Parfum unisex 100 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: MNT03288

    More information

    Aoud Lagoon is a floral woody fragrance for men and women from the portfolio of a French perfume brand, Montale, which is noted for its love of fragrances from the Orient and Arabia and its interest in their enchanting history. As with all the fragrances from the Montale brand, the greatly admired, yet somewhat enigmatic Pierre Montale has given the Aoud Lagoon Eau de Parfum an original character evoking a miraculous elixir or a rare magical salve. Montale Aoud Lagoon presents a refreshing, yet delicately sweet combination of white flowers with rare woods and fruit. The original, invigorating and delicately sweet Montale Aoud Lagoon Eau de Parfum will take its wearer on an intimate olfactory journey which, as the brand’s representatives promise, will help in the search for inner strength. The result is an unmistakable aroma with no lack of freshness, delicateness, sensuousness or a touch of elegance. The fragrance of the Montale Aoud Lagoon Eau de Parfum opens in the head with osmanthus and Sicilian mandarins. The heart contains gardenias and lotus, while the base consists of tones of Haitian vetiver, Paraguayan guaiac wood and moss. The overall aroma perfectly balances and combines the woody and white flower aspects with other floral, fruity and citrus attributes and it is fresh and sweet, delicate and sensuous and full of brightness in the introduction and elegance in the base. It is as if the time he spent in Saudi Arabia had imbued the brand’s founder and the creator of all the perfumes in its portfolio with the mysterious abilities of an oriental sorcerer. Pierre Montale has created a perfume which combines the Orient and the West in a fragrance which represents an intimate aromatic expedition. Like all of Pierre Montale’s fragrant creations, the Aoud Lagoon Eau de Parfum has been created using natural materials of the highest quality which ensure that the fragrance has a long-lasting effect. Thanks to its fresh aspect, Aoud Lagoon is especially suitable for day and night wear during the warmer months. It will appeal to men and women who like the combination of white flowers and rare woods. Aoud Lagoon should be tried by everybody who appreciates true quality and who likes to be taken on an olfactory journey by a perfume. In addition to magical scents with masterfully balanced aromatic compositions, all the perfumes by Montale also come with captivating, original packaging. The design is enchanting thanks to its straightforward and pure elegance, which, in the case of Aoud Lagoon, has been enhanced with the use of a glossy golden colour scheme which transitions to pale blue. The practical selection of the material also makes the flacon unique. Pierre Montale has made the original choice of aluminium, which provides the perfume with perfect protection. Montale Aoud Lagoon – a refreshing and delicately sweet floral-woody fragrance which invites you to take an intimate fragrant journey.

    449,64 kr.
    Discount: 46,36 kr.

  • Mugler AngelEau de Parfum for Women 100 ml Refill

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: THM03956

    More information

    The product may come in a box that differs from the one depicted! The product contains a CI 42090 colouring agent which fades. Therefore, the colour of the products may differ. The French fashion designer created the cult fragrance Angel in 1992. Thierry Mugler Angel is an eau de parfum for women who want something exclusive and unusual. The perfume can offer their owners the dreamlike beauties of the Orient. Delicious raspberries topped with a gold-like hint of honey switch over to the notes of brittle jasmine and refreshing bergamot. After that, sweet vanilla blends with sensual chocolate, they are joined by amber caramel and all that is seasoned with a bit of exotic patchouli. The well-thought-out composition creates a timeless accord of scents and feelings. The bottle design resembles a starry sky in sparkling mild summer evenings. Thierry Mugler Angel is an angelic star which will light up any woman. Enjoy the feeling of infinity to the full.  

    567,95 kr.
    Discount: 57,95 kr.

  • Creed Virgin Island WaterEau de Parfum unisex 75 ml

    A smaller amount of content Contents of the product: 99 % Beauty Code: CRE04394

    More information

    Virgin Island Water is a citrus fragrance for men and women from the workshop of a unique, dynastic and privately owned Parisian niche perfume brand. As well as an exceptional tradition passed down from father to son since 1760 and a celebrated history (more than 250 years of creating exceptional fragrances for royal families and other exacting customers with refined tastes), the Creed brand can also boast the use of classic techniques when processing the rare materials selected for the production of its unrivalled perfumes. Creed Virgin Island Water is a joint project by Olivier Creed, a leading perfumer from the sixth generation of the Creed dynasty, and Erwin Creed, from the seventh generation. They have taken their inspiration from their travel adventures, during which they sailed near Ginger Island, which is part of the British Virgin Islands. It is a stunning cocktail of tropical notes which will immediately take you to the Caribbean, with its peaceful lifestyle and fragrances borne on a sea breeze. The aromatic composition of Creed Virgin Island Water opens in the head with notes of lime, coconut, mandarin and bergamot. The heart contains ginger, jasmine, ylang-ylang and hibiscus and the base consists of tones of white rum, musk and cane sugar. The overall aroma wonderfully combines citrus, sweet and coconut aspects with tropical and rum attributes and is simultaneously fresh and delicately and creamily warm. The Virgin Island Water Eau de Parfum is a Caribbean summer in a bottle. Creed Virgin Island Water will be especially appreciated by men and women who like citrus fragrances with distinctive notes of coconut, lime and rum evoking a holiday in the Caribbean. It will appeal to those who love excellent, masterfully composed perfumes and, of course, to everybody who appreciates quality and luxury. Virgin Island Water is a perfect daily perfume for the summer months. It envelops its wearer in a wonderful tropical aroma and lightens the wearer’s day with the atmosphere of Caribbean beaches full of sun. The perfumes from the Creed brand are attractive not only thanks to their enchanting fragrances, but also their exceptional and elegantly beautiful packaging. The wonderful, transparent Virgin Island Water flacon comes in a beautiful light box with silver decorative accents. Try this Eau de Parfum from an exceptional dynastic brand with a celebrated history and you will fall in love with the fresh tropical fragrance which celebrates voyages among the Caribbean Virgin Islands. Creed Virgin Island Water - a fresh summer cocktail of tropical fragrances from the Caribbean islands.

    1.158,99 kr.
    Discount: 113,01 kr.

  • Paco Rabanne 1 MillionEau de Toilette for Men 100 ml

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: PAR07673

    More information

    Paco Rabanne 1 Million eau de toilette represents the journey of life of a successful and ambitious man who knows exactly what to require from his life and who works on achieving his desired, ultimate dream. At the beginning of his journey, he passes various recesses full of the joys and sorrows of everyday life, smelling of essences of grapefruit, red orange, and stimulating mint. In the middle of his journey through the phases of life, he reaches the very core of the crossroads, accompanied by the tones of roses, cinnamon, and white leather that wake up his male wits and charm. At the end of the travels, he covers himself with a scarf full of male essences of white shrubs, ambra, and patchouli. One Million Paco Rabanne eau de toilette intensifies the longing for a perfect world and harmony in each man to wake up his mature and charismatic self in him. Paco Rabanne is a luxury and elegant companion, which is proven by its flacon shining with gold. This fragrance is for all those men who are not afraid of their future full of golden reflexions to balance the dose of luxury, harmony, and lifestyle. Order Paco Rabanne 1 Million eau de toilette in our e-shop and try this distinctive, luxury, and sexy fragrance. We are sure youll immediately make it an indispensable part of your life. It is suitable for both weekdays and weekends, but it can pleasantly surprise you in every season.

    539,53 kr.
    Discount: 43,47 kr.

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