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The products in this category usually have a minor defect in packaging and cannot be sold at full price.


They are fragrances that have been used in photo shoots, their cellophane wrapping or the box itself have been damaged in transport, or their packaging in other way doesn't meet the visual standards. None of these defects compromise the quality of the fragrance itself. 

In some cases a marginal portion of the product has been used up. This is always clearly stated on the website along with the information about how much of the product still remains (for instance 99%). Our normal warranty applies, of course with the exception of the specified defect for which the product is being sold at a lower price.

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  • Teatro Fragranze

  • Teatro Fragranze Bianco Divinorefill for aroma diffusers (White Divine) 500 ml

    Unwrapped Contents of the product: 98 % Code: TEF00192

    More information

    The Teatro Fragranze Bianco Divino refill changes the scent in each space, depending on your mood.Characteristics:a floral fragrancea fruity fragranceHow to use:Follow the instructions included to replace the refill.

    318,75 kr.
    Discount: 56,25 kr.

  • Teatro Fragranze Foglie Di Ficoaroma diffuser with filling (Fig Leaves) 100 ml

    Contents of the product: 100 % Code: TEF00240

    More information

    The Teatro Fragranze Foglie Di Fico aroma diffuser is a pleasant way to make your interior spaces smell great. The aroma diffuser contains a refill that, with the reeds inserted, gradually evaporates into the air, creating a truly homely scent in your room.Characteristics:a fresh fragrancea fruity fragranceHow to use:Open the aroma diffuser cap and pour the refill into it. The fragrance is released gradually from the aroma diffuser via the reeds. The more reeds you put in the dish, the stronger the essence in the room. You can also increase the intensity of the fragrance in the room by turning the soaked reeds occasionally. This aroma diffuser is supplied with a refill. Keep out of the reach of children. If the diffuser refill comes into contact with your skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water. If it gets into your eyes, rinse for several minutes with water. Follow the instructions included.

    229,50 kr.
    Discount: 25,50 kr.