Jimmy Choo Man

Shower Gel for Men 100 ml

Jimmy Choo Man Shower Gel for Men 100 ml
100 ml

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Tuesday 28/5/2019
Jimmy Choo Man
100 ml | 84,90kr

Fragrance description Jimmy Choo Man

Jimmy Choo Man shower gel complements the fragrance in the same range perfectly. It leaves the skin fresh, soft, and full of fragrance to stimulate the senses and increase self-esteem, so each wash is a great experience.

About the brand Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo | Jimmy Choo was born in Beijing and designed his first pair of shoes at the mere age of eleven. It came as no surprise when the young man moved to London and took part in just about every fashion designing workshop that was available to him. After finishing his university studies, he started further pursuing a career in fashion and became one of the designers to go to for magnificently crafted shoes.

In 2011, Jimmy Choo came out with his first designer fragrance called Jimmy Choo Perfume. The scent is a combination of several exotic notes that evoke feminine sophistication - patchouli, orchid and pear. If you wear it, be prepared for the unique aroma of this perfume to enchant everyone around you.

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