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The popularity of Korean cosmetics has surged in recent years. Korean products are well known for high quality at an affordable price. Korean skin care is different in many ways from the traditional care that we are used to. It involves more than 12 different products including facial oils, nourishing ampoules and skin serums. The Korean black mask and the Korean BB cream are known all over the world for their excellent quality!

The Korean approach to cosmetics prides itself on its utmost respect for the skin; it does not use parabens and focuses mainly on special natural ingredients such as ginseng, chia seeds, potatoes or even snail slime. Korean skin care always begins with the individual needs of your skin.

At notino.co.uk, we offer the best-known Korean cosmetic brands:

Missha cosmetics contain innovative components such as fruit acids, charcoal or extracts from marine plants. Probably the best-known products from this brand are the Missha Pure Source masks.

The Korean cosmetics company Erborian combines closely-guarded old Korean recipes with the latest technology. Try out the Erborian Bamboo skin serum with a matte effect.

Holika Holika is a young Korean brand making cosmetics for the body and skin, as well as decorative cosmetics. The Holika Holika Pig Nose sugar peeling scrub is particularly popular.

The Korean brand Mizon has already acquired a number of patents in cosmetics manufacturing. It is well known for using snail secretion filtrate, which encourages skin regeneration and prevents wrinkles. It offers effective anti-wrinkle creams and serums.

Steblanc uses only the best-quality hypoallergenic and non-toxic purely natural raw materials for its cosmetics. For example, it manufactures high-quality face masks with ginseng, black coal, pearl powder and royal jelly.

Try out the excellent products from k-beauty brands for yourself!

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