Nivea Men Protect & CareBody Shaving Soap

Nivea Men Protect & Care Body Shaving Soap
Nivea Men Protect & Care Body Shaving Soap
75 ml

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Product description Nivea Men Protect & Care

The Nivea Men Protect & Care is a product to make shaving easier and prevent unpleasant skin irritation.


  • ensures a precise and quick shave
  • makes the shaver glide more easily
  • prevents skin irritation
  • a product specially developed for men’s needs

How to use:
Apply the right amount of the product to the skin, spread evenly and lather gently.


Complexion type
all skin types
Skin type
all skin types

About the brand Nivea

The world-renowned brand Nivea was founded in Germany in 1911. The man behind its foundation was the visionary and pharmacist Dr Oscar Troplowitz who succeeded in combining oil and water into a stable cream. The brand name comes from the Latin word for snow, as he was inspired by the product’s pure white colour. That is how the legendary Nivea Cream came about.

In 1925 the product gained its new iconic blue container, but the contents have remained faithful to the original formula right through to the present day. The classic Nivea cream has become part of life for many generations. It nourishes the skin effectively and, thanks to its velvety smooth texture and specific scent, it is a reminder of childhood for many.

Today, Nivea has a full range of quality products available to everyone. Nivea sunscreen gained popularity quickly, as did the Nivea Men line. Nivea has been taking care of our skin for over 100 years and in this time has become a true member of the family to millions all over the world.

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