Rampage was founded in 1982 with the idea of designing and selling young fashion.


The typical Rampage customer is a young rebel who lives their unusual experiences to the full and doesn’t miss a single opportunity. They constantly seek out new challenges, destroying myths and breaking with convention.

Women who buy Rampage clothing are extremely sexy and have their own style and an original approach to life. They prefer the kind of fashion that you can wear to work or in a club. Rampage symbolises youthful courage, extravagance, and playfulness.

Currently, Rampage is one of the most dynamic companies on the market for fashionable clothes. Its product range is very varied. It offers men’s and women’s clothing, provocative lingerie, handbags, and many other accessories, including unique perfumes. Rampage fragrances are unique for their insight, originality, and juicy dose of sex appeal.

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