Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer CreamTotal Revitalizer Cream

Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Cream Total Revitalizer Cream
Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Cream Total Revitalizer Cream
50 ml

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Product description Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Cream

The luxurious anti-wrinkle Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Cream for men restores your skin's elasticity and youthful appearance. It's highly effective in preventing ageing, nourishing your skin and tightening its contours for a stronger and refreshed appearance.

Shiseido rejuvenating cream is the perfect solution for all men between 30 and 40 who are noticing first signs of skin ageing. The product keeps your skin hydrated, soft without any dry areas, and protected from negative environmental influences.


  • 24-hour care and intense hydration
  • smooths wrinkles and fine lines
  • removes signs of fatigue and restores energy
  • protects skin from negative external elements
  • cream tested by dermatologists

Results of testing by 102 men:

  • 90% felt that their skin was more elastic after application


  • ImuBuild Complex – replenishes moisture in the skin and slows down ageing
  • Marine Protein Complex – strengthens face contours, provides hydration
  • vitamin E

How to use:
Apply to clean or freshly shaved skin. Use morning and night.

Our tip:
Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Cream is the first moisturiser for men inspired by fitness training. Give your face a short massage two or three times a week and perform a little exercise to tighten its contours.

Step 1: Pick up a small amount of the cream with your fingers and massage it into the skin of your chin/cheeks and around your eyes/forehead. Use upwards motions to lift the contours of your face. Repeat 3 times.

Step 2: Squeeze your hands into fists and gently massage both cheeks from the bottom up. Don't stretch your skin, instead press your fists gently against your face.

Step 3: Massage the area along your cheekbones and chin up to your ear using long strokes. Repeat 3×.

Step 4: Finally, pull your mouth to the left to stretch the right side, and vice versa. Hold each position for 10 seconds.

Step 5: Open your mouth into a wide smile as hard as you can, for 10 seconds.


Complexion type
all skin types
Hydration, Anti-ageing, Revitalisering, Nourishing
Sun Protection
without SPF
When to use
day, day and night
Active ingredients
vitamin E

About the brand Shiseido

Shiseido fragrance | Shiseido beauty brand was born in 1872 which makes it one of the oldest brands of skin care in the world. Over the course of its history, Shiseido saw the rise of many different categories of beauty products in general, probably the most prominent among them being hair care and skin care for both women and men.

For the longest time, Shiseido products have been reliable and highly effective in helping the brand’s customers feel beautiful. Especially over the last few decades, Shiseido also became one of the most popular fragrance brands on the market.

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