Tannymaxx Trés Jolie

Solarium Tanning Cream with Bronzer

Tannymaxx Trés Jolie Solarium Tanning Cream with Bronzer
Tannymaxx Trés Jolie Solarium Tanning Cream with Bronzer
200 ml

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Friday 31/5/2019
Tannymaxx Trés Jolie
200 ml | 145,00kr

Product description Tannymaxx Trés Jolie

The Tannymaxx Trés Jolie solarium tanning product helps you achieve the perfect tan while giving your skin the nourishment it needs.


  • speeds up the tanning process
  • does not provide sun protection

How to use:
Apply evenly to the body and face and massage in lightly before tanning at the solarium.


Skin type
all skin types

About the brand Tannymaxx

Tannymaxx is a trademark of Body Cosmetics International LLC. The company is a German pioneer of high quality body lotions. Since its founding in 1989, Body Cosmetics International is on a steady course of innovation and growth, and is now represented worldwide. The focus is on the development and production of nourishing face and body lotions and solar cosmetics.

Body Cosmetics International LLC emphasizes quality recipes and qualitative production of all lotions. To ensure this, all products are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Multidisciplinary teams are working constantly in close consultation with external research institutes on the development and refinement of all recipes and ingredients.

The Germany-based cosmetics manufacturer has made it its task to respond to the needs of the end users of international cosmetics markets with high-quality ingredients and always be on the cutting edge. With this, Body Cosmetics International has made a name for itself and has for many years successfully been a player on the international stage.