The Organic Pharmacy SkinHoney and Jasmine Face Mask for Dry Skin

The Organic Pharmacy Skin Honey and Jasmine Face Mask for Dry Skin
The Organic Pharmacy Skin Honey and Jasmine Face Mask for Dry Skin
60 ml

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Product description The Organic Pharmacy Skin

The Organic Pharmacy Skin face mask with jasmine and honey moisturises dry skin deeply and provides it with necessary nutrients.


  • restores the elasticity and lost balance of the skin
  • cleans the skin deeply and removes dead skin cells
  • tightens existing wrinkles and prevents the emergence of new ones
  • creates a protective layer on the skin that prevents skin damage
  • soothes irritated skin and eliminates the feeling of tautness


  • jojoba oil – moisturises and smooths the skin
  • beeswax and honey – protect the skin from harmful effects
  • shea butter – softens and regenerates the skin
  • rosehips – improve the functioning of the capillaries in the skin
  • marigold – soothes irritated skin
  • jasmine oil – has strong regenerative effects

How to apply:
Apply the mask to clean skin in a generous layer and leave to act for 5–10 minutes. Remove any remaining mask with a muslin cloth from The Organic Pharmacy soaked in warm water or wash off with water.


Active ingredients
shea butter
Complexion type
Brightening, Hydration

About the brand The Organic Pharmacy

The Organic Pharmacy is a natural cosmetics brand which puts the emphasis primarily on purity, quality and balance. The unique organic ingredients and the right combination of them in individual products ensure the positive impact of these cosmetics on your face and body. The carefully selected ingredients are mixed by hand, creating exceptional plant products for the beauty in everyone.

The English brand The Organic Pharmacy was founded by Margo and Franco Marrone. After finishing her studies, Margo, a pharmacist, focused on herbal medicine and some years later discovered the magic of homoeopathy. She decided to put her extensive herbal, homoeopathic and pharmaceutical knowledge to use to create cosmetics with purely natural ingredients.

They opened their first organic pharmacy together in 2002 on Kings Road in London. The Organic Pharmacy is now available in over 25 countries all over the world.

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