Ashleigh & Burwood London Golden SunsetGift Set I.

Ashleigh & Burwood London Golden Sunset Gift Set I.
Ashleigh & Burwood London Golden Sunset Gift Set I.
Gift Set I.

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Lamp 11 x 8 cm + Refill 250 ml

Moroccan Spice

Fragrance description Ashleigh & Burwood London Golden Sunset

The Ashleigh & Burwood London Golden Sunset catalytic lamp is the perfect accessory for your home and office, in hotels and spas. The secret of the catalytic lamp is based on the principle of a catalytic reaction – burning without a flame. The lamp is designed both to add fragrance to a room and to clean and disinfect the air in enclosed spaces.


  • destroys all odours in the room, including cigarette smoke, cooking fumes or pet odours
  • can safely be left unattended
  • gives the whole space a beautiful fragrance
  • a spicy aroma
  • a warm fragrance
  • an oriental aroma

How to use:
The packaging contains a refill for the catalytic lamp. Use according to the instructions included. Remove the decorative and extinguishing lids from the lamp, then use the funnel to pour the fragrant essence in until two-thirds full. Put the wick and stone back in the lamp and close with the extinguishing lid.After about 20 minutes, once the fragrance has risen from the wick to the stone, take a lighter and light the stone. Let the flame burn for 3-5 minutes, then blow it out and cover the stone with the decorative lid. The catalytic process has now begun and the lamp will start to emit a scent. When you reach the desired intensity of the fragrance, swap the decorative lid for the extinguishing lid.


Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Honey, Amber, Orange, Agar Wood, Earthy Notes
Fragrance category
spicy, woody
Type of set
Gift Set

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