About perfumes

1. What is the difference between Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Cologne?

The main difference is in their concentrations of fragrance oils. It does not mean different levels of quality. Some may also include different fragrance notes.
• A Perfume is between 15 – 30 % perfume oil
• An Eau de Parfum is between 8 – 15 % perfume oil
• An Eau de Toilette is between 4 – 8 % perfume oil
• A Cologne is between 3 – 5 % perfume oil (70% perfumer´s alcohol)

2. How to choose the right perfume for you?

Your signature scent should express who you are. Avoid testing the perfume on the tester cards or perfume caps, the perfume should be sprayed directly onto your skin. Body chemistry has a major effect on fragrances and a perfume spritzed on a tester card may not smell the same. A fragrance needs to be applied to your skin to come alive.

3. Why does perfume smell differently on different people?

Yes, it is right. Body chemistry may affect how fragrances smell. It mostly depends on the pH of your skin, your diet, your body temperature and also a body lotion you are using. The reason is your body is diffusing the byproduct of the alcohol, which is a sugary substance. These scents are interacting with one another. This is the reason each scent may smell differently on different people.

4. Will eating spicy foods affect the way the perfume smells?

Your diet can affect how your fragrance smell on your skin due to metabolic transformations. These transformations may affect the perfume notes smell differently on your skin than on the testing strip. Low fat diets, stress, spicy foods – all affect body temperature and could have a major effect on fragrance longevity on you skin.

5. How perfume affects your mood?

Yes, fragrance can affect and change your mood. It can also enhance your work performance and behaviour due to aromatherapy effects. Your favorite scent can enhance your mood and general well-being. Heavy and spicy scents may have the opposite effect.

6. Can perfume scents or cetain perfume notes act like aphrodisiacs?

There is something about this theory however perfume does not act the same as aphrodisiacs in general. But still, sensual perfume scents and certain notes may attract others, but avoid fresh and fruity scents, these may work less.

7. Are there any rules how to use a perfume?

Less is always more, in this case. Perfume should not suffocate the people next to you. It is recommended to use light spray compositions as Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne during the day and keep the Eau de Parfum for more special occasions. The choice of fragrance always depends on the temperature outside and time of the day. Temperature has a big impact on the way a perfume is perceived. Hot weather asks for fresh, clean and citrusy-flowery scents. On the other hand cold temperatures give those delicate oriental and balsamic notes time to express themselves. Choosing that personal scent should always help you distinguish you from the others and make you feel special.

8. Is the layering of scents a right thing to do?

Each perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds. Scent layering is a real art and it is not easy to find the right combination. It may all lead to scent disharmony with no desired effect.

9. How to apply perfume to make it last all day?

It is a question of oil concentration in your fragrance. In case of perfume it is reccomended to spray it behind your ear lobes – this area is a pulse point, warmer part of your body which will enhance the fragrance. Another pulse points on your body are inside elbows and behind your knees. Fragrances latch also onto fibers, your hair will carry the scent of perfume for a long time. You can also spray a little on your clothes, especially the natural fiber and fur clothing. Never spray the fragrance on white and light color clothing and silk.

10. Do perfumes go off and how to tell if perfume has expired?

This depends on the storage methods and temperatures. Exposure to light over a period of time will cause your fragrance to deteriorate. Also a temperature and humidity will destroy the molecular integrity of your perfume. Keep your perfume in a dark cupboard or drawer and in the temperature around 20°C and you will be able to enjoy the perfume for many years. Many modern scents bare an icon on the box that will indicate the use-by date, which can be calculated from the time of initial use. This is usually 12M or 36M which suggests the product ought to be used within 12 or 36 months. Your perfume will not begin to diminish until it has been sprayed at least once, perfume which was not openned should last for several years. One of the first signs that a chemical change has happened is the liquid changes color. Also the smell of the perfume is most obvious sign. If the aroma is sour and resinous the perfume is expired.


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