Cartier Déclaration Deo Spray for Men

  • Cartier Déclaration Deo Spray for Men

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    • Cartier Déclaration Deo Spray for Men 100 ml  Deo Spray for Men 100 ml  

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    Description of the perfume Cartier Déclaration


    Top notes

    Bergamot, Tangerine, Coriander, Wood

    Middle notes

    Pepper, Juniper, Cardamom

    Base notes

    Amber, Oak, Vetiver, Cedar

    The Cartier Déclaration perfumed deodorant spray is a great addition to the fragrance from the same range. It fights unwanted perspiration effectively, looks after the skin under your arms and leaves it beautifully fragrant and fresh for hours.


    • no aluminium salts

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    About the brand Cartier

    Cartier perfumes | Cartier hardly needs an introduction. It is one of the most famous jewellery houses in the world. But fewer people know that apart from luxury necklaces, watches, and rings, they also sell cosmetics. This French brand, founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, focuses on the most demanding of customers who seek out truly exclusive goods and are willing to pay astronomical sums for them. Cartier jewels decorate and adorn not just famous actors and singers, but also members of various royal families. However, buying a Cartier perfume will not break the bank. Quite the contrary – the price is surprisingly low. However, the same can’t be said of Cartier bottles, which appeared several decades before the first two fragrances (Must de Cartier and Santos de Cartier). These delightful bottles were decorated with pure gold and precious stones, making them unaffordable for mere mortals. Cartier boasts of being one of the few cosmetics manufacturers with its own perfumer – the famous Mathilde Laurent. She systematically searches for the rarest and highest-quality ingredients, creating true works of art such as Cartier L’Heure Vertueuse III, Cartier Baiser Volé, Cartier de Lune, and more. It is worth noting that she also creates custom-made perfumes, an extremely demanding job regarding patience and time. Some Cartier fragrances are crisp; others are sweet. Each of them is full of unbridled passion. Incidentally, the name of the aforementioned Baiser Volé can be translated as ‘stolen kiss’. If you want to underline your charm and sensuality, Cartier is the right choice for you without a doubt! Cartier is sure to appeal to anyone who is not afraid of venting their emotions, who wants to try perfumes from the brilliant Mathilde Laurent, and who is seeking exclusive yet affordable cosmetics.

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