Collistar Special Perfect BodyCosmetic Set I. for Women

Collistar Special Perfect Body Cosmetic Set I. for Women
Collistar Special Perfect Body Cosmetic Set I. for Women
Cosmetic Set I. for Women

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Caffeine Capsules to Treat Cellulite 14 x 4 ml + Patch-Treatment Reshaping Abdomen and Hips 1 stk. + Reshaping Patches for Problem Areas 4 stk.


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Collistar Special Perfect Body Cosmetic Set I. for Women
| 1 pcs | 226,90kr
Wednesday 25/9/2019
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all skin types
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Cosmetic Set

About the brand Collistar

Collistar fragrance | Collistar beauty - Collistar originated as a branch of an Italian pharmaceutical company. However, in 1983 Daniela Sacerdote became the head of the company and steered the brand in a different direction. Today, you can buy Collistar products in more than 2500 boutiques and department stores in Italy, and additionally about 3000 other places all over the world.

The brand’s philosophy is quite simple - to offer uncompromising quality for a price that is not excessive. Collistar prides itself on being able to cater even to the pickiest of customers from all age groups and of all skin types.

Thanks to this approach, Collistar has been a success since its start, developing some of the most groundbreaking products on the Italian market. One of htem, the Nourishing Supermoisturizing Compact Cream, was even part of the exhibition in Milan’s National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci.

The brand is also well-known for its anti-cellulite treatments, anti-aging treatments, men’s skin care, sunscreens and other products.

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