Oral B Floss Action EB 25Replacement Heads For Toothbrush 4 pcs

Oral B Floss Action EB 25 Replacement Heads For Toothbrush 4 pcs
Oral B Floss Action EB 25 Replacement Heads For Toothbrush 4 pcs

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Can be used with all Oral B handles with the exception of Pulsonic model.

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Product description Oral B Floss Action EB 25

Remove plaque even in hard-to-reach places. The Oral B Floss Action EB 25 toothbrush replacement head is inspired by the efficiency of the floss and helps you achieve truly thoroughly clean teeth.

The outer bristles perfectly surround each tooth, and the yellow MicroPulse bristles get into the smallest crevice. Thanks to the flexible FlexiSoft rounded fibres, the brush head safely removes plaque while gently massaging the gums.


  • thoroughly removes plaque even in hard-to-reach areas
  • reliably cleans teeth from any residual food and drink fragments
  • helps remove stains from teeth and helps to whiten teeth
  • massages your gums gently and helps prevent gum disease
  • works as an effective prevention of dental caries

Technical specifications:

  • the outer fibres – surround each tooth to ensure thorough cleaning
  • yellow MicroPulse bristles – reach deep into hardly accessible areas and remain in them longer than other fibres
  • FlexiSoft rounded flexible fibres – effectively and gently remove dental plaque and massage along the lines of the gums
  • blue fibres Indicator – by fading they signalize the need to replace the brush head

How to use:
Attach the replacement head to your Oral-B brush and clean your teeth thoroughly one by one. We recommend replacing the heads every 3 months of normal use - brushing twice a day.

About the brand Oral B

Oral B represents quality and premium care in dental hygiene. Oral B products are known for their top quality, which guarantees great results in your dental and oral care. A high-quality toothbrush or dental floss is the best way to get on track for a beautiful, healthy smile.

The founder of the brand is the Californian dentist Robert Huston, who, back in 1950, was the very first person to replace the traditional hard nylon toothbrush bristles in use since 1938 with gentle, rounded bristles. This became a worldwide phenomenon and the Oral B brand became a market leader in its field.

Today, Oral B is synonymous with quality dental care. The Oral B electric toothbrush does not just clean your teeth thoroughly, it also massages your gums, which has a beneficial effect. If you want to prevent cavities, have healthy gums and a mouth that feels truly clean and fresh, an Oral B brush is the right choice.

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