Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Idunnscented candle Wooden Wick (beauty/sexuality)

Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Idunn scented candle Wooden Wick (beauty/sexuality)
Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Idunn scented candle Wooden Wick (beauty/sexuality)
200 g

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Fragrance description Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Idunn

Experience an aromatherapeutic ritual in the company of the beautiful goddess Idunn. It’s almost as if the goddess herself manifests from the Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Idunn scented candle and passes her legendary power, described in Norse mythology, onto you. This Norse goddess was believed to be the guardian of eternal youth and immortality.

Follow Idunn back to the times of ancient Scandinavia and enjoy the magical affirmation ritual that will inspire your sexuality and rejuvenate your body. Give in to the sounds of the crackling wooden wick and the combined intoxicating aromas of black pepper and sandalwood.


  • scented candle inspired by a character from Norse mythology
  • mix of aromas: black pepper, sandalwood, agarwood
  • ensures clean burning that lasts up to 50 hours
  • experience a magical aromatherapeutic ritual
  • hand-crafting process makes every piece unique
  • natural formula free of GMO and synthetic colourants, vegan
  • ideal as a luxury gift or an elegant home accessory
  • includes a practical detailed instruction manual

Magical and spiritual power of the candle:

  • stimulates your sexuality
  • helps you keep your youthful appearance
  • invigorates and strengthens your body and soul


  • 100% pure organic-quality soy wax
  • organic wooden wick that has a pleasant crackling sound while burning
  • gorgeous, designer cut amber glass

How to use:
After lighting the wick, always let the candle burn long enough for the top layer of wax to melt. Don’t let the candle burn for more than 4 hours at a time. You can trim the wick to a desired length as needed. Exercise maximum caution when using the product and follow the safety instructions of the manufacturer.


Sandalwood, Agar Wood, Black Pepper
Character of home fragrance
fresh, spicy
Type of Wick

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