Argan Oil Pack Moisturizer-Socks

  • Argan Oil Pack Moisturizer-Socks

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    • Argan Oil Pack Moisturizer-Socks   Moisturizer-Socks 

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    Cosmetic quality



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    all skin types

    Argan Oil Pack is the perfect complement to your daily skincare routine.

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    About the brand Argan Oil

    Argan Oil uses the gifts of nature in its cosmetics and argan oil as its main ingredient. Argan oil has been the beauty secret of Moroccan women for centuries. The rich composition of active ingredients including antioxidants can treat the skin, moisturising it deeply and leaving it youthful and fresh. Argan oil is also good for the hair and scalp. For over 10 years, Argan Oil products have combined new technology with old proven recipes. In a unique way, Argan oil replaces a lack of essential fatty acids which causes skin ageing and wrinkles. Argan oil has three times more vitamin E than olive oil, so its use in cosmetics is irreplaceable. Natural ingredients rich in active ingredients are the foundation for the cosmetics of the future. Argan Oil uses the most suitable ones, such as argan oil, acai berry extract, goji berry extract, baobab, acerola extract, blueberries, probiotics, myrrh, and turmeric. Argan Oil products are synonymous with healthy, beautiful hair and skin.

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