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Biotherm is inspired by the power of thermal springs, minerals and other bioactive ingredients. The unique composition of its products draws its energy in particular from water, as a natural element all life comes from. The effects of the natural spring in the Pyrenees have been known for centuries, with some even believing that it was a source of eternal youth. In the 1950s, however, a special substance was observed on the surface of the spring, the extraordinary properties of which were proven by the subsequent research of Dr Jos Jullien. He combined his knowledge with the experience of beautician Jeanine Marissal and together they laid the foundations for Biotherm. Thanks to its unique biological characteristics, the water interacts best with human skin, and thus has the ability to regenerate and protect it exceptionally. Today, Biotherm offers some of the finest skin care as well as fresh and charming fragrances with natural accents. Try the power of water yourself!

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