The story of the Decléor brand started in 1974, long before the world trend in essential oils began. Today, Decléor is the leading cosmetic brand in the field of aromatherapy. For over 40 years, Decléor has been improving its expertise to develop essential oils for everyday care for all skin types.


Decléor cosmetics offer a unique beauty care system based on craftsmanship, extra-strong and concentrated products. Decléor products contain only the best natural ingredients, which fight the damage caused to skin by city life (such as a lack of sleep, pollution, stress or an unbalanced diet).

Each drop of essential oil contains up to 150 active molecules on average. Just a few drops lead to a visible transformation of the skin. The Decléor Aromessence oil serum is undoubtedly the iconic product. It is a mixture of the finest distilled essential and extra virgin oils, cold-pressed. The serum is 100% active and thus completely free of water. It's so strong that just three drops of oil contain everything your skin needs.

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