GC MI Paste PlusProtective Remineralising Cream for Sensitive Teeth With Fluoride

GC MI Paste Plus Protective Remineralising Cream for Sensitive Teeth With Fluoride
GC MI Paste Plus Protective Remineralising Cream for Sensitive Teeth With Fluoride
Flavour Strawberry 35 ml

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WARNING! The product is not suitable for patients with known milk protein allergy or suspicion of allergy and / or sensitivity or allergy to benzoate supplements. Use only after consultation with your dentist.

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Product description GC MI Paste Plus

Enjoy both hot and cold drinks without any unpleasant tooth pain. GC MI Paste Plus remineralising protective cream for sensitive teeth significantly fortifies tooth enamel and reduces tooth oversensitivity. This product contains the milk protein RECALDENT™ which boasts a high amount of calcium and phosphate. The effective formula is also enriched with fluoride which minimises the risk of tooth decay.

Day by day, your teeth will become less sensitive to external factors and acids from food. GC MI Paste Plus cream also helps prevent white lesions caused by braces and promotes tooth resilience even after professional whitening or curettage.


  • helps close dentin tubules and reduce tooth sensitivity
  • fortifies tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay
  • neutralises the acids in your mouth after a meal
  • ideal before and after professional teeth whitening
  • can be used after curettage and root planing
  • suitable in case of salivation dysfunction and xerostomia


  • RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) milk protein – remineralises teeth with a high dose of calcium and phosphate
  • 900 ppm fluorides – fortify tooth enamel, protect from the development of tooth decay
  • sugar-free

How to apply:
Use in the morning or the evening after brushing your teeth. Apply an optimal amount of the cream to your upper and lower teeth using a cotton pad or a clean and dry finger. Make sure to apply about a pea-sized amount of the cream to every tooth. In hard-to-reach areas you can use an interproximal brush or a dental floss.

Leave the product in for at least 3 minutes, then spread it around your mouth with your tongue and wait an extra 1 or 2 minutes. Try to avoid swallowing while using the product. After the recommended time, spit the product out and don’t rinse your mouth. The residue on your teeth will gradually disappear on its own. Don’t drink or eat anything for at least 30 minutes after application.

Consult your dentist to determine if the product is right for you before using it. Don’t use the product if you’re allergic to milk proteins or benzoate additives.

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