Philips SatinShave Prestige BRL170Lasy Shaver

Philips SatinShave Prestige BRL170 Lasy Shaver
Philips SatinShave Prestige BRL170 Lasy Shaver
Lasy Shaver

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Thursday 5.3.2020
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Product description Philips SatinShave Prestige BRL170

A flawless, close shave

from our most advanced shaving system

Enjoy a flawlessly close and comfortable shave for your legs and body. Our most advanced shaving system gives you silky-smooth skin without irritation. SatinShave Prestige - so comfortable you can shave daily, so close you don't have to.

Smooth skin

  • Our most advanced shaving system for our closest ever shave
  • Multiflex head with dual foils for fewer missed hairs

A skin-friendly shave

  • Soft-touch comfort cushions for a feeling of super-soft skin
  • Pearl-tip trimmer and safety bars protect you from scratches

Effortless control

  • Ergonomic handle for effortless control

Easy to use

  • Wet and dry for use in bath or shower
  • Battery indicator light
  • 5-min quick charge


  • Wet and Dry electric shaver
  • Dual foil shaver Advanced shaving system, 1-hr recharge + quick charge, 5 accessories

Our most advanced system

  • The flexing curved blades are 75% more efficient than traditional ladyshave blades. Under the protective foil, they follow your contours for our closest ever shave.

Multiflex head with dual foils

  • As you guide the shaver over your body, the multiflex head with floating foils and flexing neck moves with you to keep optimal skin contact. The dual shaving foils ensure that fewer hairs are missed.

Soft-touch comfort cushions

  • The soft-touch comfort cushions either side of the shaving head allow the shaver to move smoothly and feel gentle on your skin, especially in curvy areas.

Pearl tips and safety bars

  • The rounded pearl-tip trimmer and the safety bars under the trimmer protect your skin from scratches for a comfortable shave.

Wet and dry use

  • For gentle and comfortable use during your shower or bath routine with anti-slip grip for optimal wet and dry use.

Battery indicator light

  • Battery indicator light shows when your shaver is charging or has a full or low battery.

Ergonomic s-shaped handle

  • The ergonomic S-shaped handle is easy to steer for maximum control and better reach with natural and precise movements, all over your body.

Quick charge

  • 5-minute quick charge for a full shave.


  • Wet and Dry electric shaver
  • Dual foil shaver Advanced shaving system, 1-hr recharge + quick charge, 5 accessories


  • Bikini trimmer head
  • Bikini trimmer comb
  • Travel cap
  • Skin stretcher cap
  • Pouch: Basic pouch
  • Cleaning brush

Ease of use

  • Wet and dry use
  • Cordless
  • Handle: Ergonomic
  • Battery indicator: Battery low, Battery charging, Battery full


  • Shaving head: Dual foil shaver, Advanced shaving system, Flexing head and foils
  • Skincare features: Soft-touch comfort cushions, Rounded pearl-tip trimmers, Safety bars


  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Usage time: 1 hour
  • Charging: Rechargeable, Quick charge, 1 hour charging time

Technical specifications

  • Voltage: 15 V
  • Material foil: Nickel
  • Number of shaving foils: 2


Type of power supply

About the brand Philips

Philips has been a household name for more than a century, more precisely for over 120 years. During this time, Philips earned a name for itself as the go-to brand for electric appliances, including tools designed for personal care.
Philips & Co. was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, Netherlands, at first aiming to produce light bulbs, growing in demand with the electrification of households.
After some time, the company began to grow and create products for other uses. These days, Philips is one of the most respected brands for their medical electronics or energy-saving light bulbs, but also for their shavers, trimmers and electric toothbrushes. Over the years, Philips has come up with many new technologies and innovations, keeping in mind that the products must always be comfortable to use and pleasant to look at. While reflecting the latest research and trends, the Philips products are simple and accessible enough for an easy use at home.
Beautyspin carries many Philips personal care products from hair dryers to beard trimmers. We also have Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes featuring a patented sonic technology that will make your daily dental hygiene even more effective.
Philips is a synonym of traditional and time-tested values combined with innovation and progress. As one of the most reliable brands on the market, it will make your everyday life considerably easier while still keeping up with the latest trends.

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