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Sigma Beauty

About Sigma Beauty

Beauty enthusiasts as well as professional makeup artists – all these people just like you –  are the inspiration for Sigma Beauty. The brand listens to you, pays attention to your needs and wishes. And they always come up with the new ways to make those wishes come true and push the limits of makeup a bit further.

Every step they take is motivated by the endeavour to simplify and perfect your daily makeup routine. It all began in 2009 when the brand introduced one single product – a set of Sigma brushes. It quickly became a huge success and it was sold out incredibly fast. These days, Sigma makeup brushes are nothing short of iconic. The priorities of the brand - top quality, high functionality, and innovation - are the sum of passion and inspiration symbolised by the Greek letter Σ or “sigma” which is also used in mathematics as the summation symbol. Sigma brushes and makeup products will always help you achieve a flawless look that will dazzle everyone around – no wonder they have so many beauty awards. The brush line comes with some additional practical utensils such as Sigma brush cleanser or a handy travel mat to help you take care of your tools. Sigma eyeshadows and eyeliners allow you to create a captivating look. In short, every detail is designed to make your life simpler, more fun, and exceptionally beautiful.

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