Avene Cicalfate Restorative Hand Cream

  • Avene Cicalfate Restorative Hand Cream
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    Description of the product Avene Cicalfate



    Cosmetic quality





    Skin type

    irritated, sensitive


    The skin on your hands is cracking or you have recurrent hangnails. Then Cicalfate Hand Repairing Barrier Cream is well suited for you. The skin on hands is under excessive strain. Frequent washing, climatic aggressions, cold weather or housework without wearing gloves remove the hydrolipidic layer. The skin dries out and tension, cracking or irritation appears.

    Cicalfate Hand Cream offers a solution thanks to a nourishing protective barrier which also regenerates and soothes. Avène Thermal Spring Water aids regeneration of damaged skin.


    • soothing
    • healing, regeneration
    • protection


    • Avène Thermal Spring Water – soothing
    • Copper-Zinc Sulphate – antibacterial

    How to use:

    Apply at least 2x a day to the hands, concentrating on the most irritated areas. In case of intensive damage and irritation of skin, it is recommended to apply a thicker layer of cream overnight and put on cotton gloves.

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    About the brand Avene

    The Avène brand embodies the strength of thermal water that springs from the depths of the Earth, from where it derives its unique force. The small village in the mountains of southern France is renowned for its thermal water. Every year, the spa proves to the general public and experts alike that Avène thermal water can help treat atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and burns. Many children and adults with skin conditions come here for spa treatments under the supervision of dermatologists. The combination of spa treatments and skin cosmetics from Avène significantly alleviates all symptoms. The effects of the local thermal water have been known since 1736. More than 300 clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Avène thermal water and products made from it. In 1975, the spa came into the hands of Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist who began to revive the former fame and glory of the Saint Odile spring. In 1990, the Eau Thermale Avène brand was launched. The capacity of the spa, which focuses exclusively on skin diseases, was expanded in 2005. Thanks to its thoroughness, strictness, high standards in the use of thermal water, and years of research into new active ingredients, Avène has become one of the leading skin cosmetic brands. The high incidence of skin diseases in industrialised countries confirms that targeted, gentle yet effective, and specific care is necessary. Inflammation is common in various types of skin conditions that seem dissimilar at first glance, such as psoriasis and acne or wound healing and atopic dermatitis. Avène skin cosmetics are sure to include something for your condition. Avène provides the most varied range of products for all levels of sensitivity – whether your skin is sensitive, hypersensitive, intolerant, or allergic. Avène is the only brand in the world offering sterile products (for example, the Tolerance Extreme line). A special applicator prevents air and bacteria from reaching the product. The main benefits are the absence of preservatives, emulsifiers, and perfumes and a minimal number of carefully selected ingredients. All of these qualities make Avène the number 1 brand in France and number 2 in Europe and allow patients with skin disorders to use fine products that can be combined with topical medications.

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