Montale Wood & Spices

Eau de Parfum for Men 100 ml

Montale Wood & Spices Eau de Parfum for Men 100 ml
Montale Wood & Spices Eau de Parfum for Men 100 ml
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Montale Wood & Spices
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Fragrance description Montale Wood & Spices

Montale Wood & Spices is an oriental, woody and spicy fragrance for men. This eau de parfum by the French perfume producer, known for its love for aromas from the Orient and Arabia and their magical history, represents a combination of precious wood with frankincense and spices. Just like any other perfume by Montale, Wood & Spices is original to evoke a magical elixir or a miraculous ointment, as created by admired and rather mysterious Pierre Montale.

Montale Wood & Spices eau de parfum is an absolutely new interpretation of a timeless combination in the world of aromas for men - a combination of wood and spices. Even with its rather simple aromatic composition, Montale again showed how excellently it comes up with revolutionary solutions to find amazing ways to take its customers by surprise. Montale Wood & Spices composition contains chords of agar and sandal wood, vetiver, and frankincense with a bit of spices. Just like any other aromatic fragrances by Pierre Montale, Wood & Spices consists of natural materials of the highest quality in high concentrations to ensure its long-lasting effects.

Montale Wood & Spices is professional as well as sexy. Its aroma enchants you by its mixture of freshness and depth, as if the founder of Montale and creator of all the perfumes in its portfolio obtained mysterious skills of an oriental magician during his stay in Saudi Arabia. Pierre Montale created a very modern and original perfume on a high level and with casual elegance.

Montale Wood & Spices is suitable for day and night use all year long. It wins hearts mainly of those who love a combination of wood and spices, classic aromas for men, yet in new and surprising forms. Everybody who appreciates true quality in combination with originality should give this eau de parfum a try. Besides amazing aromas with perfectly balanced aromatic compositions, every perfume by Montale draws your attention also by its original package. Its design enchants you by its straightforward and pure elegance, in this case emphasized by its light, metallic, silver color, and the flacons are unique thanks to the practical choice of their material. Pierre Montale decided for aluminium as an original choice to provide the perfumes with perfect protection.

Montale Wood & Spices – a classic aroma of wood and spices in a new and amazing form for men.


Agar Wood, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Vetiver
Fragrance category
spicy, woody

About the brand Montale

The French niche perfumes by Montale are noted for their love of fragrances from the Orient and Arabia and their enchanting history. Every bottle combines the mysterious atmosphere of the East with the passion of its creator and founder, Pierre Montale. Every fragrance by this original brand is literally an elixir of happiness.

Montale was founded in Paris in 2003 by Pierre Montale, for many a mysterious perfume designer who first spent some time in Saudi Arabia, where he created perfumes for the nobility and kings and queens. After his return to Paris, he began to create original fragrances.

He always selects natural materials of the highest quality, especially rare woods, for his fragrances. They often contain eagle wood too, known as oud. They are also often referred to as ‘liquid gold’.

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